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Deer Prints and Originals - Roaring Red Deer Stag Portrait - Wildlife Art Print

In this Red deer portrait Ann has portrayed a mature red stag roaring during the rut. The two pencil remarques illustrate two stags locked in a contest to take over the hinds, the other a group  of hinds watching on the hill.
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Size 450mm x 350mm
Double Mounted & Washlined & Framed Price £160
Carriage & Packing (inland only) £25

Unmounted Price £80
Carriage & Packing (inland only) £8

Overseas postage (unframed only) additional
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Published as a single edition limited to 300 copies from the original watercolour. Each is numbered and signed by the artist, and is reproduced as a high quality giclée print on Soft-Textured "Museum Quality" Acid Free Watercolour Paper.


Red deer are the largest of the UK's resident deer species. Their impressive autumn rut is a top British wildlife spectacle, particularly familiar in Scotland where red deer are widespread and common. During the rut, mature stags invest much time and effort into competing with other males for access to females. Roaring contests and parallel walking allow males to size each other up without violence. However, conflict can soon escalate between evenly matched stags leading to serious injuries and even death. 

The stags and hinds live in separate herds for most of the year. In woodlands the groups are smaller and made up of related animals such as hinds with their calves and yearlings. Living in a group provides more eyes, ears and noses to warn of danger. Young calves are sometimes killed by foxes or eagles but adult red deer have no predators apart from humans. The wolf, their natural predator, became extinct in Scotland over 200 years ago.


The largest number and biggest herds of red deer live on high, open moorland. In winter they move to lower ground, often into woods and forests. Some red deer also live all year round in some woods and forests. These animals are often larger than those living on the open hills. This is due to being in a more sheltered environment with better feeding.

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