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Dog Portraits - Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael) - Dog Pet Portrait

This dog portrait of an ageing Groenendael bitch, was commissioned to hang along with its two predecessors (also Groenendaels), on a wall in Norfolk. Ann was first commissioned to portray the owner's dogs more than twenty years ago, and has portrayed every one since then.
Dog Portraits - Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael) - Dog Pet Portrait Back to previous page
Like all Belgian Shepherds, the Groenendael Belgian Shepherd is a medium-sized, hard-working, square-proportioned breed of dog in the sheepdog family and is recognized by its distinctive black coat.The Groenendael Belgian Shepherd should be athletic, strong, imposing, rustic, and balanced in appearance. It should look natural, never as though it has been prepared just for the show ring. Its coat should be profuse, but never look as though it would inhibit the dog's working ability in any way. It is always black, with small white markings being allowed on the chest. When being shown, its handler should never have to force it into position; ideally the handler should not have to touch the dog at all.The Groenendael Belgian Shepherd is (very) intelligent, active, loyal and quietly affectionate and are not a breed for the faint of heart. However for those who have plenty of time, energy, confidence and love, they are wonderful friends. Training and socializing is essential. They are wary of strangers and protective. They love children as long as they are introduced to them at an early age. They  bond deeply to its people and cannot live outdoors or in a kennel. They need to spend time with its family every day and may experience separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time.



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