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Dog Portraits - Deerhound - Dog Portrait

This portrait of a Deerhound was commissioned to hang alongside his brace of lurcher companions.
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The Deerhound is a large, athletic sight hound with a medium length shaggy coat. The head is long and broad at the ears tapering towards the eyes with the muzzle tapering to the nose, the eyes are dark and the ears high set, small in size, folded back and half upright. Their neck is strong and quite long, the chest deep and the limbs straight, with firm well knuckled feet. The coat should be shaggy, not woolly and the hair on the head, chest and stomach much softer than the hair on the body, neck and legs. Colouring is dark blue / grey, dark grey, light grey, brindle and yellow, sandy / red or red / fawn.Shaggy haired hounds are documented in Scotland since at least the 16th century, it is likely that they were created by breeding short coated hounds brought to the UK by the Romans with native shaggy haired dogs to produce a dog with the hound characteristics but able to withstand the harsh Scottish climate. The Deerhound was used by Scottish chieftains as a pack hunter for deer and the Deerhound needed to have sufficient strength to take down a fully grown stag. As hunting practices changed, due to the introduction of the gun, the Deerhound was no longer required for it's working role and the breed numbers declined, the breed was kept alive by a few diehard breeders and started to regain popularity as a companion dog in the mid 1800's though they are still a relatively rare dog even today.The Deerhound is a gentle, intelligent and friendly breed, eager to please and, as such, usually quite easy to train. They are patient and gentle with children and will live with other household pets if socialised properly. They rarely bark and should not be relied upon as a watchdog.

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