Dog Portraits and Animal Portraits by Ann Seward
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Dog Portraits - Irish Water Spaniel Portrait

Ann was commissioned to portray this Irish Water Spaniel with two pencil remarques depicting him in his usual poses.
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The client requested that Ann use a photograph taken on the family shoot for the main portrait, even though she took her own photographs of him in classic poses.

The Irish Water Spaniel is a member of the Gundog group. The breed was bred in Ireland to hunt, flush and retrieve snipe and wildfowl in the bogs, marshes and river estuaries, giving rise to its nickname of "Bogdog". Today they are used for all types of game shooting activities, agility, obedience, drug sniffing, cancer prediction, as PAT dogs, and as companions. Always a medium to dark shade of liver, their distinctive coats make them stand out in the crowd. Other than their muzzles, a V-shape at the front of their necks and the tail, (apart from the first 3-4 inches), the entire body is covered in dense, tight ringlets. They are the tallest of all the Spaniels and the only breed of spaniel not to have a customarily docked tail, which gives rise to another favourite nickname - “Whiptail”. They are upstanding, strongly built, compact dogs that move freely, soundly and cover the ground with good reach and drive.



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