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Dog Portraits - Kerry Blue Terrier - Dog Portrait

In this commissioned dog portrait of a Kerry Blue terrier, Ann has portrayed him in a classic pose to best show off his coat and bone structure to breed standards.
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The Kerry Blue is a member of the Terrier group. They were originally bred for hunting, ratting and guarding livestock. Today they are used for companions, watch dogs and to be seen in the show ring. Whilst no references can be found to the Kerry Blue until the 19th century, this Irish Terrier does go back much further. They originally roamed the Kerry Mountains and was used by natives as a terrier, herder and sporting dog. It is surmised that the Kerry Blue is out of the same gene pool as the Irish Terrier and the Soft-Coated Wheaten. In 1922 the breed was standardised and introduced to Britain. Intelligence Kerries are intelligent, self-confident and can be stubborn. Therefore they do need firm handling. Their heads are long and well-balanced with a slight stop and flat over the forehead. Their eyes should be small to medium and as dark as possible. The ears again should be small to medium and v-shaped . The gums and roof of the mouth should be dark with a perfect scissor bite. The neck should be strong and reachy running into a sloping shoulder. The front legs should be straight and powerful and the hindquarters large and well-developed with hocks that are close to the ground. The body should be short-coupled with a level topline and deep chest and well sprung ribs. The feet should be round and small and the tail, customarily docked, should be set on high and carried erect.

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