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Dog Portraits - Pembrokeshire Corgi - Dog Portrait

Ann was asked to paint a portrait of this much beloved Pembroke Corgi after he had unexpectedly passed away.
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The Pembroke Corgi is a member of the pastoral group. They were originally used for livestock droving; today they are still used for livestock droving but are more commonly kept as companion dogs. Records have been discovered that states that the Pembroke Welsh Corgi has existed in the UK since a least 920 AD. They are thought to have been brought to Wales by the Flemish weavers. They were very popular in the 14th to the 18th centuries as cattle drovers. They became Kennel Club registered in 1928 and accepted by the American Kennel Club in 1936. The Pembroke and Cardigan Corgis were recognised as separate breeds in the UK in 1934. The Pembroke is an intelligent dog that loves a challenge. They are not too difficult to train but they can be try to be dominant if given the chance. As puppies they do require to be properly socialised and trained. Show Characteristics The head should appear fox like, and be flat and wide between the ears. The muzzle should taper and the jaw is strong with a complete scissor bite. The eyes should be of medium size, round and brown in colour. Their ears should be erect and slightly pointed at the tip. The neck should be fairly long. The chest should be deep and broad and the topline level. The front legs should appear straight and short; the back legs should also be straight and short. The feet should be oval with well-arched, close together toes. The two centre toes should be slightly longer than the outer two. Their movement should be free and active with the front legs moving well forward. The tail should be short. The coat should be of medium length, straight and have a dense undercoat. The preferred colours for the show ring are red, sable, fawn and black and tan.

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