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Hound Portraits - Four Foxhounds - Hound Portrait

This hound portrait study of four Blackmore and Sparkford Vale foxhounds - 'Domino', 'Boxer', 'Bodkin' and 'Dormouse', was commissioned by the kennel huntsman, Chris Bowld as a surprise 21st birthday present for his daughter. They were all walked by her at the kennels, and proved to be good working hounds.
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The longest surviving breed, the English Foxhound was created in the late 1500s, as a result of the perception of the depletion of deer in England. Nobles and Royalty had hunted deer for both food and sport, using the Deerhound or Staghound for this purpose. During the reign of Henry VIII, it was perceived that a new prey was needed, and the fox was selected. The English Foxhound was then created by a careful mixing of the Greyhound, for speed, the Fox Terrier, for hunting instinct, and the Bulldog, for tenacity in the hunt. Studbooks for this breed were kept as early as the 1800s. The dogs were meant to trail foxes and live around horses and are still used for those purposes today. The English Foxhound is about 21-25 inches tall to the withers, and weighs anywhere between 65-75 pounds, although some English Foxhounds bred for the show ring can be considerably bigger, with some males weighing over 100 pounds. The skull is wide, the muzzle is long, and eyes carry a sweet expression. The legs are muscular, straight-boned, and the paws are rounded, almost cat-like.

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