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Original Artwork - Fallow Buck - Original watercolour study

An original portrait study of a fallow buck in summer coat carrying a good head. Image size 300mm x 425mm.
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Original Details
Size Image size 300mm x 425mm
Double-mounted and framed. Framed size 480mm x 625mm Price £850
Carriage & Packing (inland only) £25

Overseas Carriage & Packing on request
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Fallow deer were introduced to Britain by the Normans, and possibly earlier by the Romans, too. They are the most numerous deer species in Britain, with an estimated fallow deer population of around 100,000. Arguably, fallow deer with their distinctive dappled, Bambi-like coats are also the most attractive of the four main deer species in Britain, but not all fallows are dappled, and there are a number of different fallow deer forms and colorations. Their woodland habitat and elusive habits and lifecycle mean that the true wild fallow deer are often difficult to spot, but resident herds in many parks present an ideal opportunity to observe these charming creatures.They spend most of the year in single sex herds, only coming together in autumn for the annual rut, where the males groan, parallel walk and lock antlers. Luckily, injuries are rare although the males sport impressive multi-point antlers. Fallow deer are smaller than red deer. Generally fallow deer can be recognised most easily by their beautifully dappled coat of pale chestnut with characteristic white spots on the back and flanks and a white tail, which flashes an alarm signal as they take flight. The white spots may disappear in winter. They also have a black streak along the spine which goes right to the end of their tails.Fallow deer stand in size between the red deer and the roe deer, with the buck measuring just over 3 feet at the shoulder and weighing over 200 lbs. The female or doe is only a few inches shorter, but much more lightly built.Fallow deer females, or does, have no antlers, but the males or bucks carry heavy, flat plated palmate antlers in the rut or breeding season, which dwarf the shorter three pointed antlers of the roe buck.

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