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Pet Portraits - German Shorthaired Pointer - Pet Portrait

This pet portrait of 'Dotty' was commissioned to hang alongside her predecessor, and was given as a surprise birthday present to her owner, by her husband.

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The German short-haired pointer is one of the few hunting breeds that can perform virtually all gundog roles. It is pointer and retriever, an upland bird dog and water dog, can be used for hunting larger and more dangerous game, and in addition has a scent hound's talented nose. It is an excellent swimmer but also works well in rough terrain. It is tenacious, tireless, hardy, and reliable. In short, it is a superb all-around field dog that remains popular with hunters. The short-haired pointer was developed in Germany, during the last half of the 19th century. The breed very quickly became popular in its native land. The breed is streamlined yet powerful with strong legs that make it able to move rapidly and turn quickly. It has moderately long floppy ears set high on the head. Its muzzle is long, broad and strong, allowing it to retrieve heavy game. The tail is commonly docked, although this is now prohibited in the UK. When the German Short-haired Pointer is in its classic point stance, the tail should be held straight out from the body forming a line with the pointing head and body. Like all German Pointers, the German short-haired Pointer has webbed feet.

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