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Pet Portraits - Yorkshire Terrier - Pet Portrait

Commissioned portrait of a Yorshire terrier bitch.
Pet Portraits - Yorkshire Terrier - Pet Portrait Back to previous page

To compliment the main pet portrait, Ann has illustrated this bitch laying on her back (one of her favourite positions), and lying with her labrador friend.


The Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie as he is commonly called, is a toy terrier known for its long, silky, blue coat and playful, terrier demeanor. Originally used as a ratting dog by the peasants in England, today Yorkies are a companion animal and much of their ratting instinct can only be seen while playing with their toys. While they take their role as a family member very seriously, they are too small for families with very young children. Yorkies have been shown in conformation for many, many years, but in recent years have done quite well also in obedience and agility.

Yorkies have the appearance of a long-haired toy terrier whose blue and tan coat is parted on the face and from the base of the skull to the end of the tail and hangs evenly and quite straight down each side of body. The body is neat, compact and well proportioned. The dog's high head carriage and confident manner should give the appearance of vigor and self-importance.

Yorkies are very confident and intelligent little dogs. The Yorkie dog breed are well known for wanting to please their owners, therefore they are very easy to train.


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